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You must be at least 18 years old to purchase fireworks. Check with your local fire department or town officials regarding fireworks permits for your community.

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Getting Started

It’s easy to set up your own fireworks show, or to have our team of aerial artists put on the show for you. Here are a few considerations as you begin to plan your event.

  1. Find a location with lots of open space and consider where your spectators will be during the display. We will send one of our Site Inspectors to meet with you to ensure we’re within regulatory distances and to advise you how to get the most out of your display.
  2. Determine a budget for your display. Please remember to include any permitting fees that your local authorities may charge, security fees that you may incur, etc.
  3. Determine who you would list as the additional insured to be covered under the certificate of insurance that we will provide you with, i.e. property owners, the town that you are shooting in, etc.
  4. Don’t forget to notify and remind any nearby vendors of your event before your fireworks begin, and inform them of the crowd you anticipate.

We will only sell professional grade fireworks (1.3g) to customers who possess a federal ATF license. Customers will be required to present this and all other necessary documentation at point of purchase. Please call us to discuss prices and to set up an appointment to pick up your order.

Please Note:
You only need documentation if you plan to put on a show yourself.
You do not need an ATF license to hire Northstar Fireworks to put on a show.

Northstar Fireworks

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